Diminishing returns

In 2021 the MD spent $123,455 to partially replace the wooden bridge deck. Debris piles are periodically removed at a cost of about $50,000. Proposed repair work exceeds a million dollars, which would buy the bridge just a few years of additional life at most.

The waiting game

The travelling public must frequently allow larger vehicles to cross before proceeding. Commercial traffic will occasionally get stuck on the bridge, resulting in considerable delays.

Community catalyst

The Smith Bridge connects local families to schools, leisure activities, places of employment, places of worship, medical services, and other social touchpoints vital to any thriving community. Bridge construction is likely to spawn new businesses, spur home sales and fuel the growth of this vibrant hamlet

A way to help pay

A window of opportunity exists for the MD’s thriving oil & gas sector to offset the Smith Bridge rebuild costs. However, this opportunity will not exist forever.

Access to skilled labour

From oil & gas to sand & gravel, the MD is home to a diversity of industrial operators who tap into local talent wherever possible. A reliable bridge is critical to connecting the many contractors and support personnel to the companies that cultivate our thriving region.


Something better will go here.

The way forward

Thanks to multi-front lobbying activities of Council and senior leadership, combined with a goundswell of public and industry support, the MD moved the needle on this matter.
In late February 2023, Reeve Kerik received confirmation from Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors Devin Dreeshen that the MD was approved for $1,652,850.00 to begin the initial stages of the Smith Bridge rebuild project.

A separate application for $871,830.00 to offset the cost of interim repair work was also approved by the Province, reflecting a total commitment of $2,524,680.00 toward the Smith Bridge in 2023.

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